Download Showbox APK 2019 for Android, iOS and Desktop [LATEST]

My Netflix got expired lately and while I was unable to watch some of my favorite TV shows I couldn’t hold out on, one of my friends introduced me to the greatest gift he could ever give in the form of Showbox. I was told that Showbox is a free streaming app where you can stream all the movies and TV series for free. Having opened it, not only it was true, it also left me mesmerized because as it would seem, the Showbox APK is a bigger giant than anybody would tell you. Let us now introduce you to it.

Disclaimer: Showbox is not a legitimate service and we don’t own any risks which might come your way. It is a free service and like many others, it violates the original copyrights so make sure you are aware of that. The official owners of the copyright content might track the IPs of any user watching the illegitimate content and that is why it is important that you hide the original ones using any good VPN software. To be on the safe side, you better use the legitimate streaming services such as Amazing Prime and Netflix and showbox should not be used as an alternative until you make your monthly payments. Not being an official app, it is not available on Google Play and you can only use third-party websites to get it.

What is Showbox APK and is it free?

While you are unable to pay your bills, this Showbox streaming app is the best Netflix alternative you can never get. It is a free streaming app/website which allows you to stream movies and TV shows for free. Also, it is unlike other free services where you don’t get more than the 3gp video quality and you can now watch all those shows in HD quality, however, it depends on the speed of the internet connection you have got. In this article, we are coming up with the complete Showbox Review of features besides providing you the free Showbox apk download.

We are providing the free Showbox apk latest version which is the best of them all and with this one, you will have an error and bug-free experience. All the issues such as the app crashing and complex interface which were reported for the previous versions have also been fixed. There is no need for a showbox apk mod though because all the features inside are free and none of the movies and shows will ever ask for the payments. We shall now move ahead and discuss some of the main features.

Showbox APK Review & Features:

After reading this Showbox review, there will not be a need of hitting the showbox official site. However, you can visit there for the information confirmation and to track the various versions which are also covering here. This is going to be a complete overview of the features which are present in showbox for pc and the Android versions. People are also searching for a showbox iOS version which is not yet, however, while the developers are working on that, we might soon have that as well. Anyway, let’s get back to the review now.

Showbox is free. In fact, it is 100% free and even if you have the slightest notion whether they will charge you for anything, no, they won’t. The revenue the developers generate is purely based on the on-page ads and there are some people who search for showbox apk ad free which might make you think that those ads are bothering. That is not true, however, because the developers are working more and more to improve the interface and with every version, there are tons of improvement. A lot of those have also been made on the interface.

Showbox contains all your favorite movies and TV shows whether new or classic. There is no boundary of Netflix Originals and other cable TV shows and these are some of the reasons behind making it a great app. Though you should keep in mind that since it is a free app, there are some flaws which might appear at times including the non-availability of certain shows and movies due to the copyrights and several server errors. But, we have seen especially with the latest showbox apk mirror download the server are getting powerful and these bugs are being controlled better.

The next thing I would like to discuss about showbox is the quality of the shows and movies which you watch. Unlike other free apps which are bringing a quality that might very well be called a crap, showbox does completely opposite of that. Depending on the internet connection, you will be able to stream TV shows and movies in HD quality and that goes up to 1080p that is full HD and 4k which is ultra-HD resolution. Though the 4k showbox shows are limited and some of the famous ones like showbox Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are available in the full HD quality.

One of the latest versions is Showbox APK v5.23 which is the one I personally prefer. Though the interface is still a little bit complex in this one, it brings the best bug-free experience and there is merely any show on which I got even the minor of errors. This showbox version is also available for pc and you can simply install this without using any special installation method. Plus, the content remains the same high-quality and you can get it ready for your perfect home cinema without being bothered by the monthly payments.

On the other hand, what do you do when there is no internet connection or you might not have it in the future? Well, we the developers have got a solution for that and with the showbox offline downloads, you can now download all the episodes you want depending on the storage space you have got and watch them later when you are free or you don’t have an internet connection. Downloading is good because sometimes there are online errors and while it is working fine, it is always wise to download the current thing you watching for a smooth experience.

Showbox is independent of Google Play and thus it has no special operating system version criteria like most of the apps on the store. Though the reason why it is not available on Google Play is because it is not a legitimate app and you will need to get the showbox apk download in order to start using it on your Android. However, the showbox apk requires no root like most of such apps do and this makes for an app which is purely designed to entertain you. Don’t try to block the advertisement though to support the providers and since those can’t be blocked, it would be a waste of time anyway.

The Complete Showbox Installation Guide on Android: Showbox Mod & Non-Mod Installation for free with Screenshots:

Though for someone who has been downloading APKs from third-party stores for a while, this shouldn’t be something very bothering or difficult. However, there are certain complications which might interrupt the user-experience and thus we feel that there is the grave need of a complete installation guide for showbox apk and the pc version of course. Even when you are able to download and install this yourself, there are several streaming complications you might face and we are bound to help you.

Download and Installing Showbox APK:

This first guide is related to the simple installation method which will be more than enough for a large group of users. This is the most standard one and required no root or mod process. So without expanding it any further, here are the major steps:

  • Download the free showbox apk from the link given.
  • It is better to download the latest showbox apk free.
  • Once you have the APK file, open the settings of your phone.
  • In the settings, make sure that you mark the ‘unknown sources’.
  • Now, you can simply install it by tapping the app.
  • Later, you are going to need an account for enjoying the service.
  • On any standard account, you can enjoy the HD and simple qualities.

So this was the first and simple method using which you can install any standard version of showbox. Let us now move ahead and discuss the installation of more complex versions such as mods and showbox root versions.

Downloading and Installation of Showbox Mod APK:

Since this is an absolutely free app, you aren’t going to need the Showbox Mod APK for it. However, there still are ads running which might bother you at times and to get rid of that, some developers have the mod versions. Though we don’t know for sure whether those versions work or not. But, if you have downloaded one of those, following is a method of installing the free apk mod for Showbox. The steps go as:

  • Download the version of Showbox mod apk you need.
  • Make sure that the file is bug-free and scan it for malware.
  • You better download the Showbox Pro APK Mod for this thing.
  • Now, uninstall the standard version if you installed it.
  • The reasons is the non-compatibility of the adjacent software.
  • Now enable the ‘unknown source’ in the same way as shown before.
  • You will now be able to install this particular version of the app.

And, this is how you simple install the Showbox Mod APK on your phone. For those people who have got the rooted Android phones, we are now going to cover a separate guide about that so let us begin.

Downloading and Installation of Showbox APK Root Version:

Some people might ask for the root apk version of Showbox and there are a couple or reasons behind that. However, we do not recommend doing this because the showbox apk no root is absolutely fine to have and there is nothing different. Also, this guide is mainly for those who have already rooted their phones and will need the rooted version of the app. If you need to root your Android phone, we are going to teach you one of the easiest methods so you are going to be in for a real treat.

For rooting, we recommend King Root because it is absolutely free and is also a one-touch rooting app. It has the highest successful rooting ratio as compared to others and also consumes very less battery backup so that you can root your phone even when you have just for 30% battery life. It also provides a free backup path for easily saving the data in the cloud storage. Before we move on to the major installation method, here is how you can easily root your phone:

  • Download King Root on your phone which is a free app.
  • Simply download it from Google Play which is safe.
  • You should now be done with the installation of the app.
  • Now, open King Root and back up your data first.
  • Make sure that phone at least has 30% battery remaining.
  • It can be more or less depending on the battery’s quality.
  • Once the data is backed up, open the homepage.
  • On the homepage of the app, simply tap ‘Start Rooting’.
  • The automatic process of the one-touch shall now begin.
  • Your phone might restart several times during the process.
  • On the final restart, your phone will be rooted successfully.

Once you have rooted the phone, the following steps can again be used for installing the rooted version of Showbox:

  • Download the free showbox apk from the link given.
  • It is better to download the latest showbox apk free.
  • Once you have the APK file, open the settings of your phone.
  • In the settings, make sure that you mark the ‘unknown sources’.
  • Now, you can simply install it by tapping the app.
  • Later, you are going to need an account for enjoying the service.
  • Make one and enjoy the unlimited streaming.

So this was the complete Showbox installation guide for Android phones. We shall now cover it for the desktop and laptop PCs.

The Complete Showbox Installation Guide on PC with Screenshots:

You might not be one of the candidates wanting Showbox for Android and instead, you will watch showbox for pc and we completely understand that. In fact, it is much wider option because on a laptop or desktop, the users have got bigger screens and watching movies & TV shows there would definitely be something more than on the Android or any other mobile device for that matter. While such concern is right in front of us, we shall got for a detailed installation guide of showbox for pc without Bluestacks and also inside the famous Android emulator.

How to use Showbox for PC without Bluestacks?

We shall take care of all the versions so that you can use Showbox for PC for Windows 7, 8, and even Windows 10. Again, the app will not be available on the Microsoft Store so don’t you dare trying going there for finding it. Take that as a joke and of course not the upcoming guide containing the major steps following the free installation of Showbox for PC. Listed below are the major steps involved in the process:

  • On any version of windows such as Windows 7 or above, open the search engine.
  • Now type ‘Showbox for PC (and the respective Windows) and press enter.
  • On the top of search result, you will find the official site link.
  • Open the official site and see the homepage there,
  • On that page, there are separate download links given for each Windows OS.
  • Click the link of the Windows you own and download it.
  • Now use the simple installation technique for installing the app.
  • You can use the same Showbox login on the pc app as well.
  • Don’t forget to use the VPN app for using a different IP.
  • This was the installation guide of Showbox for PC without Bluestacks.

Note: What I said about using the VPN in the end is very important. Using a VPN app, the official sources will not be able to track you and thus you cannot be charged for violating or watching the copyright material. Also, using a VPN saves you from various internet threats and this is only to ensure the maximum security of the user-experience we want you to have. Let us proceed!

How to use Showbox for PC with Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is the King of the world of Emulators. It is a free Android emulator which allows you to download and run Android apps on PC without asking for any special offer. So it is quite evident that since Showbox it is an Android app, it can be used on pc with Bluestacks as well. Though we do not recommend this because Bluestacks can have its own issues which might spoil the fun for and using the original apps for Windows will be the best way of going for it.

However, if you are reluctant and all you want to use Showbox with Bluestacks, we are okay with that. Now, feel free to follow the given steps and install Showbox on PC via Bluestacks:

  • Download Showbox APK PC APK using any search engine.
  • You can do that from the official website.
  • You can download the same APK from out site as well.
  • After you have downloaded it, make sure that you know the folder.
  • For this, you will need Bluestacks 2 or 3 so download & install them.
  • After installation, open any of the software you have installed.
  • In Bluestacks 2.0, find the ‘Import APK’ option on the left menu.
  • In Bluestacks 3.0, this is found at the bottom.
  • Now import the Showbox apk file from the folder in your pc
  • This will begin the installation process of showbox for bluestacks.
  • Once the installation is done, run the app, login, and enjoy!

And this was our complete Showbox installation guide for PC. Make sure that you make your showbox for pc download from the right link and enjoy the best free streaming experience ever. Connect this to your bigger LED TV to enhance the fun, grab the popcorn, and laydown on the sofa for an amazing weekend.

Showbox for iOS Free Download:

Sadly, there is no official release of Showbox for iOS and we have heard that the developers are working on that. However, while you have got the safari browser on your Apple phones and other devices, we can surely teach you an easy method of using Showbox for iOS. Listed below some of the major steps involved in the guide:

  • Since Showbox also has a website version, open it on Safari.
  • Safari allows you to create the shortcuts of your favorite websites on the homepage.
  • You can also add the shortcut of Showbox for your iOS using Safari and enjoy.

Stay tuned to our website in the future so that we can update you about the version of Showbox being released for iOS.


Is Showbox Legal?

No, it is not. Showbox is only a free streaming app for Android and PC where the content is shown without any copyrights.

Is Showbox Safe for PC?

Yes, Showbox is absolutely safe for your PC. Whether you install the direct app or using Bluestacks, it should work fine. Report on our site for errors and bugs.

Is Showbox Free?

Yes, Showbox and all the services on the platforms are 100% free. However, the developers do make use of the advertising for earning their revenues so you will need to cope with that.

Is Showbox Safe?

Yes, it is 100% if we use any VPN software on any device. However, there is risk of being tracked down if you don’t use the VPN.

Is Showbox Available for iPad?

No, there is no official release of Showbox for iPad or any other system running the iOS operating system by Apple.

Is Showbox Working Yet?

Yes, it is working and hope to see it working forever.

What are the best Showbox Alternative?

Showbox itself is a big Netflix and Amazon Prime alternative. However, it also has certain alternatives and here is a list of those:

  • Moviebox
  • Playbox HD
  • Megabox HD
  • Popcorn Time
  • Teatv
  • Tubitv
  • Morpheus Tv
  • Cyberflix Tv
  • Free Felix HQ
  • Netflix